EAG Shoot House

Students will process simple to complex CQB problems while working in two man teams


  • Reading doors and breaching considerations
  • Processing corner and center fed rooms
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Primary and secondary scans
  • Team communication
  • Dealing with problems within the room
  • Follow on rooms and hallways
  • Scenario driven exercises

This is a force on target class. All guns will be converted to shoot non lethal training ammunition.

Price: $550

Range Fee: $100 includes NLTA conversion kits and ammunition

Studen Requirements:

  • AR15 style rifle
  • Issued or personal protective equipment ( plate carrier, belt/holster etc)

Upcoming Classes

Saturday, June 5, 2021 - Sunday, June 6, 2021

EAG Shoot House

Blue Force Gear Facility
Savannah, GA
Note: Course fee does not included $100 range fee. Range fee includes NLTA conversion kit and ammunition

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