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Thank you for your interest!

We generally need a 3 month lead time for any classes in order to give potential students sufficient time to make travel plans and arrangements.  

You will have to actively publicize the class and solicit students


 * Name, street address if any, driving directions for the range
 * The range needs to be 50 yds deep (carbine) and 25 yds deep (pistol)
 * The range needs to be wide enough to accommodate 12 students
 * The range needs to provide target stands, stakes and backers than can accept IPSC size targets
 * EAG will provide targets and tape
 * Need a copy of your range rules/ancillary costs up front
 * Parking adjacent to the range would be appreciated!
 * Name of a solid POC, to include phone and/or cell number, email address, and a fax number, if available.  
 * Delivery/shipment address and name of recipient (usually Host)
 * If copy of EAG Certificate of Liability needed, advise range manager/responsible person, address  
 * Range Fee if applicable
 * List of acceptable hotels/lodging near the range
If you are a military or any other agency hosting the class, we need an accurate and legible Alpha Roster prior to the state of the class so that name badges and certificates of completion can be produced

This will get the ball rolling.  If you need additional information contact us directly: info@eagtactical.com

In accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Regulations, only U.S. Citizens will be accepted to participate in E.A.G. Tactical courses.

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