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Shoot House/Combat Lifesaver Module

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A tactical carbine course to enhance your skill at arms with the carbine inside a structure. This course includes some square range work, but the priority is two man team tactics. 

It includes multiple shoot house runs, day and night.  

This course is more suited to military and police, as well as civilians who meet the requirements. 

This course includes three 12+ hour days, and one seven hour day. 

This class is for 5.56x45mm carbines ONLY. No 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm etc. 5.56x45mm only please. 

This course will also include a CLS Module, taught by Dr John Spears, a former 18D as well as being a Spinal Surgeon.

Combat Lifesaver (CLS) is an introduction to emergency care on the battlefield. CLS teaches the skills necessary for non-medical personnel to give life saving aid. For medically trained personnel, CLS teaches the priority of treatment while under hostile fire. No previous medical training is required. All necessary materials will be provided.


This is a medium to high energy course. It is necessary that applicants have certain skills prior to attending this course. At the minimum, successful completion of a previous carbine course (military, police or commercial) is required. However, not all carbine classes are equal, nor do all instructors at some facilities teach what is necessary. 
If you have questions, contact me directly at info@eagtactical.com. 


  • 600 rds 5.56x45mm Ball.
  • 200 rds pistol ammunition

Gear List:

  • At least 5 serviceable M4 magazines, as well as the ability to carry them on your body
  • Level 3 or 4 Rifle Plates and appropriate soft armor, as well as  a ballistic helmet are required
    Active EarPro is required.  You must be able to hear instructions in the house.
  • We use DEHP from Tactical Industries as they are the most durable
  • http://www.tacticalcommandstore.com/TCI-DEHP-digital-electronic-hearing-protection.aspx
  • Clear Eyepro is required  - Tinted Eyepro is optional
  • Knee Pads/Elbow Pads recommended
  • Carbine 5.56 or .221LR only! — Weapon mounted white light is required
  • Pistol—weapon mounted white light is recommended
  • Hand held light is required
  • Sufficient batteries for all of your equipment
  • Minimum of three (3) Chem Lights or battery operated Personal Identification (PID) lights are required,  Green is the preferred color
    - An excellent battery PID is the Brite Strike APALS and is available from Brian at Practical Tactical in Florida or Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007T3Q1F4/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    - Brian also sells a very nifty cloth envelope for this light that Velcro's to your gear
*  Glow In The Dark GITD) 1" name tape  is required,  with name you wish to be called for the back of your helmet.
2x..." Custom ID Tag - from Practical Tactical Firearms

You will need a 2"x3.5" (or larger) piece of Velcro on your right shoulder and left side of your helmet.
We will provide roster tags to be worn during this class to aid us in accountability
Each student is required to have an IFAK or BOK on his/her person
Additionally, you are required to have a tourniquet mounted visibly on the centerline of your vest.
This is not for you to use. It is for us to use on you in the event you are a casualty.

Austere Provisions

Direct Action Response Kit (DARK)

The Haven Group

Upon receipt of an application and copy of credentials an acknowledgement will be sent. A deposit or credit card information will hold a seat in the class. Confirmation will occur and notices sent upon receipt of payment in full unless other arrangements have been made. Full payment is requested no later than 30 days prior to class dates. Credit card information (account number, expiration date, security/V-Code and cardholder name and billing address, including zip code) can be faxed to (928) 636-6686. Be sure to specify the amount to be charged. Credentials can be scanned or a digital photo taken and emailed, or faxed to the above fax number. Scanning or emailing a digital photo assures legible images while often faxing does not. USG, DoD and other organizations can continue to pay via credit card or purchase order. Notify us of this method of payment at the time of submitting your application.

Refer to the article entitled “Notes: Summer 2007” starting on our Home Page.
In accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR)
Regulations, only U.S. Citizens will be accepted to participate in E.A.G. Tactical courses.

In accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Regulations, only U.S. Citizens will be accepted to participate in E.A.G. Tactical courses.

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